Tawheed a Great Concept by Ibn Taymiyyah

Concerning the distinction between the worship of the adherents to Islaam and possessors of faith, guidance, tawheed, sincerity, knowledge, divine legislation, those who follow the Prophets and Messengers and between the worship of those possessing shirk, ignorance, misguidance, innovation from amongst the polytheists and those who resemble them from the adherents of the different religions.
The worship of the Muslims is founded upon two principles:
The First: they do not worship anything save Allaah, the One Who has no partner.
The Second: they worship Him in the way He has ordered and legislated and has been conveyed by His Messengers.
So they worship Allaah without associating partners with him, they have taqwaa of Him and they obey His Messengers. Allaah said:
“We sent Noah to his people (with the command): ‘warn your people before there comes to them a grievous Punishment.’ He said, ‘O my people! I am to you a warner, clear and open that you should worship Allaah, fear Him and obey me.'” [Nuh (71): 1-3].
Similarly He mentioned that Hud, Saalih and Shu`ayb said to their respective nations,
“Worship Allaah! You have no other god save Him.” [Hud (11): 50].
Indeed every Messenger said, “So fear Allaah, keep your duty to Him and obey me.” [ash-Shu`araa (26): 108].

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