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An Explanation of Riyadh As-Saliheen | Ustadh Abul Abbas Naveed Ayaz


In times of difficulty, be a key to goodness & benefit for your community


I am pleased with Muhammad as my Prophet


Ebola, CoronaVirus, MERS, bird flu – an Islamic Perspective


I am pleased with Allah as my Lord


The Muslim woman in a society of ‘clothed naked women’


Jesus in Islam and Christianity


Shirk – The unforgivable Sin


Contemplations and rulings pertaining to winter


Love the Prophet through his Sunnah, not by innovations


I will be the first person to celebrate the Mawlid if…


The tongue – blessings, responsibilities and dangers


Paradise is surrounded by difficulties and sacrifices


Can a wife object to her husband’s decision? – Assim al hakeem


How to get a fatwa for divorce? – Assim al hakeem


Can we make dua for muslims and non muslims for protection against coronavirus? – Assim al hakeem


Where to place the hands in salah while standing? – Assim al hakeem


How and when to say AllahuAkbar (Takbeeratul Ihram) before salah? – Assim al hakeem


Man wants a hijabi & practising wife but his mother rejects her, is this haram? – Assim al hakeem


Halala marriage: divorced woman getting married to another man in order to marry 1st husband Assima


The true meaning of Jihad – Assim al hakeem


Does a Man require his parents approval for his marriage to be valid? – Assim al hakeem


Is it permissible to rent my car or house to someone if they may use it to do haram? Assim al hakeem


Is the Movie Contagion (2011) about Coronavirus, considered to be fortune telling? – Assim al hakeem

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