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Ahadeeth regarding particular Aayaat of the Qur’aan


Verses on Allaah’s Attributes


Marriage and Qadar


Proper Belief in al-Qadar


‘Al-Qadr & the Hadeeth that Allaah will take two Handfuls of people


Praying the Sunnah Prayer at home or at the Masjid?


The Prayer of Glorification


The Prayer of Glorification – How to Pray Salaatut-Tasbeeh


Only turning your head when giving salaam in prayer


Amazing Du’aa after Fajr and Maghrib for protection from Shaitaan


Imaam leading the night prayer whilst reading from a Mus_haf


Mistake of prostrating before the Imaam


Preceding the Imaam with saying Ameen


Merit of filling gaps in rows for Prayer


Different ways of giving Salam at end of Prayer


The Necessity of a Compass


Reciting Faatihah along with the Imaam


Saying Aameen in the Prayer


Seeking refuge with Allaah before reciting Faatihah in each rak’ah


When are hands raised after having read tashahhud


Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akbar


Where to place shoes when taking them off for prayer


Replying to the salaam of someone who doesn’t pray


Can’t make up missed prayer if preoccupied with business or …

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