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Concerning a woman’s Mahr (Dowry)


Obligation of paying the deferred Mahr upon becoming due


Giving the first wife Mahr upon marrying a second one


The obligation of Mahr, `Iddah, and inheritance from the deceased husband before consummating the marriage


Mahr as the right of a deceased wife even if she was young


The right to receive full Mahr upon consummating the marriage even from the deceased husband’s inheritance


Mahr is the right of a woman who dies before consummating the marriage


Wife receiving full Mahr if the husband dies before consummating marriage


Obligation of Mahr even if little


Giving the daughter in marriage for no Mahr


Interpreting the Ayah “But if you intend to replace a wife…”


Returning the Mahr to the man’s heirs if he dies before concluding the marriage contract


Giving up Mahr already fixed by the villagers


Woman’s right to take or give up her Mahr


Avoiding asking for huge amounts of Mahr


Taking a woman’s permission before taking from her Mahr


Father taking his daughter’s Mahr with her consent


Forcing a woman to marry someone and the Mahr being her right


Father stipulating the payment of money other than the Mahr


Marrying a woman without paying Mahr


Offering Mahr in the form of commodity


Wife deserving the entire Mahr if the marriage has been consummated


Remaining Mahr as wife’s right in her deceased husband’s property


Mahr as a debt which must be paid

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