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Islamic ruling on Grooms taking dowry from Bride’s family – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

Polygamy in Islam – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

Some of the Rules and Mistakes of Sitdowns – Ahmad Fathi

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Good Men for Good Women and Evil Men for Evil Women? – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

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Marriage without the consent of the woman’s wali – Hanafi Madhab – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

Iddah of an old aged widow

Who will be the spouse in Jannah if one of them is in Hell for sometime? – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem

SERIES: Marriage in Islam

Relationship between husband and wife

Ruling on marriage-When her mother opposes for her marriage

Giving gifts to a girl before marriage

The duties of a woman to her parents-in-law

I have problems with my husband

I want to travel but my husband is afraid of airplanes

Poligamy in Islam

Is the father-in-law a mahram?

Using contraception

Having more than 1 wife

A woman asking for divorce

Women stopping having children

The idha period for a divorced woman

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