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Trimming what is in excess of a fistful from the beard


On letting beard grow in excess of fistful


Incorrect understanding of day of ‘Eed and extremes of people


Designating a place for performing sacrifices


Cutting the beard that is in excess of a fistful is from all directions not just …


The Best of the Madhabs of Fiqh


Relation between Science of Hadeeth and Science of Fiqh


From the manners of eating food


Eating with three fingers


Eating while standing


Drinking standing up


Beef is a disease


Drinking Zamzam water standing


Eating with the right hand


We should not eat while standing


Only saying Bismillaah when beginning food


Not drinking from a cracked cup


Let whoever eats meat perform ablution [wudoo]


Some ahadeeth pertaining to food and drink


( وحید الدین خان ) اسلامی زندگی


فقه الطلاق رابط المادة


احکام قسم و نذر


احکام سفر


دینی امور پر اجرت کا جواز

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