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URDU: Beti ki Shaan By Shk Tauseef Ur Rehman

Child Lovingly Honored & Encouraged For Learning – Sheikh ‘Abdurrazzāq ibn ‘Abdulmuḥsin al-Badr

Cultivate Your Children Upon Wearing The Thobe by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Hadi al-Madkhali

URDU: Tarbiyat-e-Aulad (Parenting) By Shuja Uddin Sheikh

Awlaad Aazmaish Hain, Lecture on 26-03-2014 At Kalema Centre Dubai

Raise Your Children Upon the Sunnah – By Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan

Learning Arabic Alphabet & Arabic – for Children

A mistake made by parents with gifted children – Shaykh Abdullah Adh Dhafeeree

Aulad Nafarmaan Kyo hoti hai By Shk Tauseef Ur Rehman

Education Of Children In Islaam – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan

URDU: Aulad Nafarmaan Kyo hoti hai By Shk Tauseef Ur Rehman

URDU: Nou Mouloud Kay Ehkaam By Shk Tauseef Ur Rehman -HQ

URDU: New Baby ( Nou Mouloud ) Kay Ehkaam Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rehman

Aulad Ko Fitnao Say Bachayai By Shk Tauseef Ur Rehman 26-April-2017

Lotfi Djafar the story of the disobedient sons and daughters to their rich father (Cricklewood)

‘Can I Hit My 5 Year Old If He Doesn’t Want To Memorize Qur’ān?’ by Shaykh Sulaymān al Ruhaylī

Don’t Teach Your Children to Lie! – By Abdulilah Lahmami

Rights of the Children – Abu Qayla Rasheed Barbee

For Children: Practice to Read Quran

Gentleness to The Children – Aboo ‘Abdilaah Khalif

Ways Of Protecting The Children From The Fire

Learning the Quran for Children.

Tips on How to Encourage Children towards Islam – Tim Humble

Friday Khutbah: ‘Bringing up your children is Worship’

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