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Authentic Adhkar In The Morning And Evening


Fatwa Al Ifta Tawheed – Permanent Committee


ALLAH kahan Hey (Where is ALLAH) – Ulama e Salaf


Fatwa of Major Scholars KSA on CoronaVirus (Issued 16th Rajab 1441AH, March 11, 2020)


Divorcing the Wife at the Behest of Parents


Treatment of Non Muslims in Islam


Ten Matters In Aqidah That A Muslim Cannot Be Ignorant Of


Clarifying Matters Of Methodology


And They Were Ordered To Disbelieve In It


Seeking Assistance from the Dead


COLLECTION: Books & Fatawa on the Jinn & Shaytaan


Rays of Faith – Fundamentals of Faith Notes- Last Day


Collection: Clarification of Doubts Regarding Jinn/Sihr/Ruqyah


Selected Duas for Strong Protection from Shaythan


Raqis Without Religious Academic Qualifications


Qualification Of a Raqhee


Requirements of Ruqya Performers


How Can We Protect Ourselves From the Evil of Jinn


Curse Of Farowan


Evil Omens Are in Three


Reciting Specific Ayahs a Specific Number of Times for treating Specific Diseases


Taking Money for Reading Quran


How Divine Remedies Affect Diseases


Is Iblis An Angel

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