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Benefits from the seerah of Prophet ﷺ by Abu Iyaad


Al Qadr Pre decree is Allaah’s secret Don’t Argue or Dispute about it… Abu Iyaad


Wretched is the slave of the Dinaar and Dirham.. by Abu Iyaad


Whoever Allah wishes from them will go to Paradise, through His Favour Fadl by Abu Iyaad


The Divine Pre Decree and Ordainment of Allaah Al Qadaa wal Qadar by Abu Iyaad


The condition of a Muwahhid.. by Abu Iyaad


Salafiyyah is the only path to rectification by Hasan Somali & Abu Iyaad


Belief in Pre decree al Qadar produces magnificent fruits.. by Abu Iyaad


3 Different meanings of Al Fanaa…by Abu Iyaad


3 types of Al Fanaa …by Abu Iyaad


The Meaning of Dhulm by Abu Iyaad


The Trials of Life.. by Abu Iyaad


The Methodology of the Prophets in Calling to Allah by Abu Iyaad


Who do we take our Knowledge from? by Abu Iyaad


Tawheed is the greatest cause behind safety,guidance and sustenance by Abu Iyaad


The Nature of Bid'ah (Innovation in the Religion) by Abu Iyaad


How does a person becomes the Walî of Allah? by Abu Iyaad


Important Principles regarding the Names and Attributes of Allah by Abu Iyaad


The Story of Mūsā 'alaihis salām… by Abu Iyaad


The wisdom behind fasting.. by Abu Iyaad


Tafsir of Surah al Ikhlas by Abu Iyaad


The Excellence of Observing Fasts during Ramadan by Abu Talha


Advice of Imam Al Khatib al Baghdadi by Abu Iyaad


Weakness in Emaan… by Abu Iyaad

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