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Can we write Quran in our own language (Transliteration)? – Assim al hakeem


Can we swear or take an oath on Quran by placing our hand or by words? – Assim al hakeem


How to pray Eclipse Prayer (Salatul Khusuf)?


Is it permissible for a non- mahram to see the face of a deceased woman or a man?


Reciting Fateha in the graveyard for deceased & Reciting Quran for the deceased – Assim al hakeem


In the Beginning – The Time before Time – Assim al hakeem


Are the Martyrs alive in their graves?


People make fun of my beard & call me maulana, how to deal with this? – Assim al hakeem


How to wipe the head in wudu? – Assim al hakeem


Can I give zakat to my sister? – Assim al hakeem


What is the correct way of reciting Surah Fateha in Salah / Prayer? – Assim al hakeem


Why is the Prophet’s ﷺ‎ grave in the Masjid? Ruling on building tombs over graves – Assim al hakeem


How to give ghusl to people who die due to Covid-19? – Assim al hakeem


What are the 4 categories of wealth that we must pay zakat on? – Assim al hakeem


Series- Zakatul Fitr


Series- Rights of Wife in Islam – Shaykh Assim al Hakeem


Best deeds to do in the last 10 days / nights of Ramadan – Assim al hakeem


How did the Sahaba pray all night and still had energy to worship during the day? – Assim Al Hakeem


Taking oath or swearing on Quran, Is placing hand on Quran when taking oath innovation Assimalhakeem


Taking an oath of citizenship of a non muslim country – Assim al hakeem


How many days of fasting in Shaban – Assim al hakeem


Validity of fast when you miss fajr salah – Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem


What is the last time for Fajr, Dhur, Asr, Magrib and Isha? by Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem


Why can’t we concentrate in prayers even in Ramadan?

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