Video Speaker: .Shaykh Abu Iyaad Amjad Rafiq


Al Qadr Pre decree is Allaah’s secret Don’t Argue or Dispute about it… Abu Iyaad


Wretched is the slave of the Dinaar and Dirham.. by Abu Iyaad


How does mankind acquire knowledge by Abu Iyaad


The Belief In the Pre Decree – The Good and the Bad of It by Abu Iyaad


Difference between Fitrah and Aqal by Abu iyaad


Knowledge of qadr by Abu Iyaad


There is no Evil in Allah's Action by Abu Iyaad


The Heart Changes Suddenly by Abu Iyaad


The Dead Heart Abu Iyaad


what is shukr? Abu iyaad


fruits of knowing allah's name & attributes by Abu Iyaad


Your Lord stated Supplicate to Me and I will answer you abu iyaad


Striping of Emaan from the heart Abu Iyaad


Understanting Times of fitnah by Abu Iyaad


Reasons for Hardships and Calamities by Abu Iyaad


What does it mean Allah guides and misguides by abu iyaad


Why is it said man's will comes under Allah's will by Abu iyaad


Allah has forbidden Oppression for Himself and has Forbidden it for the People By Abu iyaad


Difference between iradha khawniyyah and shariyyah by Abu iyaad


The connection between iman & purity of hearts by Abu Iyaad


How does a person Enter paradise by Abu Iyaad


Saying the Kalima in times of hardships & calamities Abu Iyaad


The difference between tawbah repentance and istighfar seeking forgiveness by Abu Iyaad


The meaning of Laa Haula wa laa quwwata illaa Billah by Abu iyaad

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