Video Category: SINS


Gunah Karne Ka Tarika – Qari Sohaib


A Young Man Asked Question To Dr Israr Ahmed -ایک نو جوان کاسوال – Sawal O Jawab With Dr Israr Ahmed


Sh Fawzān | Whoever taunts his brother for a sin will commit that sin


Neki Kab Badi Banti Hai – تین لوگوں کا قِصہ – Asal Neki Kya Hai – Life Changing Clip -Dr Israr Ahmad


Allah Se Tauba Karne Ka Tarika By Dr Israr Ahmed – ALLAH Kon Si Toba Qabool Karta Hai


Consequences of Major Sins – Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem


Whoever Hoards Then He Is A Sinner


Indeed Sins Affect The Peace Security & Economy Of A Land


Having a dog is losing good deeds everyday equal to the weight of mount uhud – Assim al hakeem


Coronavirus ka ilaj Aur Asbab | کورونا کا علاج اور اسباب| COVID-19 Crisis| Epidemic Diseases|Corona


Sins, Repentance and Forgiveness – Legacy of the Prophets (Part 2)- Assim al hakeem


Gunahon Ki 10 Sazain Jo Dunya Mein Lazmi Mil Kr Rahein Gin | Qari Sohaib Ahmed Meer Muhammadi


Gunah Ke Bad Duniya Mein Guanh Ki Saza Ir Nahosat Se Bachny Ki DUa | Qari Sohaib AHmed Meer Muhammad




Why Is Allah Punishing Muslims In Makkah?


The Reason Why You Can’t Stop Sinning!


Will Allah Forgive Your FILTHIEST Sin?


Your Sins WILL 100% Destroy You!


Hijabi Dancing On Street


If You’re Far From Allah, Watch This…


You PLANNED To Sleep With Her On Eid!


I’m Going to Hell Anyway!




Your Sins Are Causing Pain In Your Life!

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