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الرقى وأحكامها


Islamic treatment for the one possessed by Jinn


Reciting al-Fatihah repeatedly as Ruqyah – Alama Al Fawzan


Qur’aanic verses that repel witchcraft


Performing ruqyah over the phone


Conditions for the permissibility of ruqyah


Seeking ruqyah from other people


Treatment by Ruqyah


Performing ruqyah through experience if free from shirk


The Ruqiya which is Shirk


شیطانی وسوسے – امام محمد بن صالح العثیمین


شرعی دم کے ذریعے علاج – امام سعید بن علی بن وہف القحطانی


قرآن و حدیث کی دعائیں اور علاج بذریعہ دم – امام سعید بن علی بن وہف القحطانی


شرعی علاج بذریعہ دم – امام سعید بن علی بن وہف القحطانی


قصہ ہاروت وماروت اور جادو کی حقیقت


The Rules & Etiquettes Of Ruqyah – Shaykh Saalih Aali Shaikh


Selected Duas for Strong Protection from Shaythan


Raqis Without Religious Academic Qualifications


Qualification Of a Raqhee


Requirements of Ruqya Performers


Exorcising a Jinn by Burning the Body It Occupies


Reciting Specific Ayahs a Specific Number of Times for treating Specific Diseases


Written Exorcism by Ibn Taymiyyah


Beating During The Ruqyah

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