eBook Author: , Imam Muhammad Naseer ud Deen Albani


Praying and then remembering never had wudoo


Pulling someone closer to you in prayer if there is a gap


How to pray when the night is twenty hours long


When does Ishaa time end?


Eating or drinking with brother who doesn’t pray


Dhikr said between the two prostrations for forgetfulness


Are the prostrations for forgetfulness done before or after the salaam?


Giving the adhaan if you are praying by yourself


Entering the Mosque and adhaan being given


The ‘Sunnah Prayers’ on Jumu’ah


Praying Sunnahs and the Iqaamah for the fard prayer is called


Eating or prostrating on Arabic newspapers


Mistake of turning shoulders and chest when giving adhaan or during salaam


How to move your finger in tashahhud


When does one perform the prostrations of forgetfulness


Distance left in front of person who hasn’t taken a sutrah


Salaah of a person who prays without a sutrah


Not praying the Sunnah prayer directly after the obligatory prayer


Traveller, travelling and its conditions


Finishing tashahhud and then remembering that only prostrated once


Is the Basmalah and the Isti’aadhah said between al-Faatihah and the Soorah …


Stay as you are—your Lord created you


When does a person praying behind an Imaam start to give salaam?


Walking to get to the sutrah

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