The Origins of Shirk by Shaykh Imam al-Albaani

[1] From that which has been established in the shari’ah (prescribed law) is that mankind was – in the beginning – a single nation upn truetawhid, then shirk (directing any part or form of worship, or anything else that is solely the right of Allah, to other than Allah) gradually overcame them. The basis for this is the saying of Allah, the Most Blessed, the Most High:-

“Mankind was one, then Allah sent prophets bringing good news and warnings.” [Al-Qur’an 2:213]

Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleeased with him, said, “Between Noah and Adam were ten generations, all of them were upon shari’ah (law) of the truth, then they differed. So Allah sent prophets as bringers of good news and as warners.” [2]

Ibn ‘Urwah al-Hanbali (d. 837H) said, “This saying refutes those historians from the People of the Book who claim that Cain and his sons were fire-worshippers.” [3]

I say: In it is also a refutation of some of the philosophers and atheists who claim that the (natural) basis of man is shirk, and that tawhidevolved in man! The preceeding ayah (verse) falsifies this claim, as do the two following authentic hadith:-

Firstly: His saying that he related from his Lord (Allah), “I created all my servants upon the true religion (upon tawhid, free from shirk). Then the devils came to them and led them astray from their true religion. They made unlawful to people that which I had made lawful for them, and they commanded them to associate in worship with Me, that which I had sent down no authority.” [4]

Secondly: His saying, “Every child is born upon the fitrah [5] but his parents make him a jew or a christian or a magian. It is like the way an animal gives birth to a natural offspring. Have you noticed any born mutilated, before you mutilate them?” [6]

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