The Muslim Creed – ’Aqeedatut-Tahaawiyyah

This is an exposition of the beliefs Of Ahl us Sunnah wal Jama’h in accordance with the way of the jurists Of Islam: Abu Hanifa al-Nu’man bin thabit Al-kufi, Abu Yusuf Ya’qub bin Ibrahim AI-Ansari, Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin AI-Hasan Al-Shaibani (May Allah be pleased with them all) and this is what they believe about the fundamentals of the religion and the belief they profess about the Creator of the worlds. On Tawheed (Oneness of Allah)
1- Allah is one and has no partners at all.
2- Nothing in the whole universe is similar to Him.
3- Nothing can surpass or outreach Him.
4- No one is worthy to be worshipped except Him.
5- He is Qadeem[2] with no beginning and Eternal with no end.
6.- He will never die nor perish.
7.- Nothing happens in this universe except with His will.
8.- No conjecture or thinking can perceive His real essence.
9.-He does not resemble any of His creatures.
10.- He is alive; death will not overtake Him. He is the protector; in no need of sleep at all.
11.- He is the Creator of the whole universe but He is in no need of it. He feeds all without difficulty.
12.- He makes all taste death with no fear. He will resurrect them all without any difficulty.
13.- Since eternity He has been there with all His attributes. He has always had these attributes and will always have these attributes. They did not increase after He brought His creatures into existence because they have always been there.
14.- He was not the Creator (Khaliq) after He had created His creatures and neither was He the Designer (Al-Bari) after He had designed the universe.
15.- He was The Nourisher (Rabb) before there was anyone to nourish and The Creator (Khaliq) before He had created anyone.
16.- Although He is entitled to be called The Resurrector after giving life to the dead, He deserves this title even before the resurrection. Similarly, He deserves to be called The Creator even before He gave life to anyone.
17.- He has power over everyone; everyone is in complete need of Him. He can do whatever He likes easily and is in no need of anything.
18.- Allah Almighty created all consciously.
19.- He estimated for each of His creatures what it needed (Known as Taqdir or predestination).
20.- He planned the end of every creature.
21.- Nothing was hidden from Him even before He brought His creatures into existence. He knew beforehand whatever His creatures would do in their lives.
22.- Allah Almighty commands His people to obey Him and forbids them from disobeying.
23.- Everything in this universe is bound to His will. What He wills occurs; what He does not will, could never happen.
24.- Allah Almighty guides whom He likes. He protects everyone out of His kindness. On the firm ground of justice and equity He disgraces or withholds His guidance or places in trials whoever He likes.
25.- All people are under His rule in this world; their lives are governed by His generosity and kindness at one one end and His justice at the other.
26.- He is above all partners and equals.
27.- No one can change His preordained decisions and neither can His orders be delayed. No one can overshadow His decisions. .
28.- We have complete faith in Him. We believe that everything happens due to Him.

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