Guide to Sound Creed: Book on Muslim Creed & Faith

This book clarifies some information, makes a connection between people’s practices and the Muslim Creed and points out to what extent people abide by the principles of the Muslim Creed so as to judge those practices and explain the wrong acts they may contain so that people may abstain from doing them. Furthermore, this book offers advice to people so that they may prosper. I have quoted in this book the writings of the great Imams and eminent. Muslim scholars like Ibn Taymiyah, Ibnul-Qayyim. Ibn Kathlr, and Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab and his disciples, who were the Imams of the reformation call. Among the books I have quoted from is the book entitled Fatbul-Majid (Bestowal of the Honorable) by Sheikh Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab. Again, I feel inclined to say that what I have written is not new, but I hope that I have clarified some information and related it to the daily practices ofpeople whenever
there is a chance to do so.

E M A A N L I B R A R Y . C O M ............ ا لسلف ا لصا لح

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