Islam As It Is

The discovery of God takes place in the human mind, but a man feels its effect throughout his entire being. He loses himself and finds God. With God living in his thoughts he belongs entirely to Him. His entire being is enslaved and prostrates itself before his Lord. One excellent consequence of this is his beginning to treat his fellow human beings as befits a devout servant of God. Where others act out of egoism, he proceeds with humility. Where others are vengeful in attitude, he is invariably forgiving. Where others are cruel and unjust, he is always kind and merciful. Where people, thinking only of themselves cut themselves off from others, he comes closer to people in order to keep up good social relations. Whereas others prefer to keep what they have in order to increase
their own prosperity, he derives pleasure from giving to others. While people chase after the pleasures of this world, he remains absorbed in the hidden world of the Hereafter. Such is the life of truth, which has been shown in all its perfection through the teachings and examples of the Prophet.
To follow their example is to attach oneself to God. Those who do so also attach themselves, quite naturally, to their fellow-men, wishing, as they do, to share with them the goodness they have found. Their outward conduct thus begins to reflect their inner state.
There is no one who does not have some cherished desire, the attainment of which gives him a major satisfaction in life. Some live for money, some for power, some for glory. The desires of human ambition are numberless, and can
arouse in the human breast all kinds of hopes, fears, longings and agonies. The fulfilment of these ambitions
is obviously associated with happiness, and their non-fulfilment with grief.

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