His Character was the Quraan

“The night was dark. The caravan had lost its way. Light was extinguished. Heavy rain and darkness invaded the jungle. Danger intensified.’
…This was the picture of the Jahiliyya (era of ignorance) before the arrival of Nabi Muhammad (1).
People were in a kind of intoxication – intoxicated by vices and crimes. No one had any kind of direction in life. The world out there was nothing but a jungle. The whole world was submerged in zulumaat (darknesses). There was just darkness. The darkness of tyranny and injustice, the darkness of kufr, the darkness of shirk, the darkness of bid’aat, the darkness of suppression of the rights of the women, the darkness of suppression of the rights of the children, the darkness of cruelty upon the parents, the darkness of stealing, the darkness of gambling, the darkness of every crime … the darkness of every evil infiltrated the lives of people.
When Zulm and injustice had reached its height and had crossed all limits; when there was no question of justice, and nobody to teach people justice, Nabi came and taught mankind what justice is.
And not only did he teach justice and fairness, he displayed it. Look at the number of incidents in the life of Nabi where his justice, fair dealing, honesty, integrity and nobleness governed the community of the Sahabah. Where once reigned exploitation and corruption, justice finally arrived, justice conquered, justice took its seat, and justice ruled – with the blessings of Nubuwwah.
This booklet reflects over a few incidents of the perfect and beautiful justice which Nabi imbibed in his companions.

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