Fifteen Points concerning the Call and the Caller

Indeed da’wah to Allah is a security for the society which is in fear of punishment and general chastisement. But this is only if the da’wah were given its due right, by the callers as well as the addressed: by the caller in having ikhlaas3, seriousness, and without slackening or leaving what it entails, and by the addressed in accepting and acting upon the advice. Indeed if the caller slackens, weakens, loses vigour or becomes satiated with to the harm faced in his call, or if he was to hasten in achieving results, the outcome will not be as desired. Rather it
may be the exact opposite: fasaad will become unrestrained and the evil-doers will gain the upper hand, and in that will be an invitation to widespread evil and great suffering. On this merit, we have summarized those qualities incumbent upon the caller to emulate, and the 15 points concerning call to Tawheed are discussed in the book.

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