Al-Hasan And Al-Hussein

Al-Hasan And Al-Hussein were the two Grandsons Of The Messenger Of Allah SAW.
The story of al-Hasan and al-Hussein is areal tragedy. They are the grandsons of the Messenger of Allah, to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted; the sons of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, may peace be upon hirn, and Fatema the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. But their honourable placing did not prevent their enemies from plotting and aggressing against them.
The tragedy of al-Hasan and al-Hussein grows greater as they are two virtuous members of Ahlul Bait, the family of the Prophet, to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted, and the two beloved grandsons of the Prophet whom He called the two sweet basils; and the masters of al-Jannah (Paradise).
Allah, Be He exalted, said: «Verily, willeth Allah to keep away from you every unc1eanliness. 0, Ahlul-Bait! And to purify you thorough purifying.»
Al-Hasan, for whom may Allah’s good pleasure is prayed, was wise, patient, generous, pious, peace-loving, hating seditions and blood-shedding. He never uttered a bad or dirty word. He set examples in generosity and selfdenial. He was areal example to follow.
The two grandsons of Prophet Mohammed, to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted, were raised by their pious, wise and courageous father, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb. They grew in a high-quality manner and were bred on virtues in a social environment which is the most honourable and the most honest at that time, the environment of Fatema alZahra’a, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah and the lady of world’s women.
Prophet Mohammed, to whom may Allah’s Blessings and peace be granted, used to educate them and to take care of them all the time.
When the Messenger of Allah was praying and as he prostrated al-Hasan and al-Hussein used to jump on his back. And when they tried to prevent them he gave them a sign by his hand to leave them both up; and he used to keep them into his lap saying: «He who loves me must love these two.»

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