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Concerning Those Who Do Not Rule by what Allaah has Revealed

The reason for the revelation of the verse , and that it refers to kufr in action not in belief. Indeed Allaah revealed,
“the one who does not rule by what Allaah revealed then they are kaafir”,
“they are dhaalim”, “they are faasiq”. Ibn Abbaas said,
Related by Ahmad (1/246), at-Tabaraanee in ‘al-Mu’jam al-Kabeer’ (3/95/1) via the route of Abd ar- Rahmaan bin
Abee az-Zinaad from his father from Ubaid Allaah bin Abd Allaah bin Utbah ibn Mas’ud from Ibn Abbaas that he
said: and mentioned the hadeeth.
And in ‘ad-Durar al-Manthoor’ (2/281), as-Suyutee ascribed the hadeeth to Abu Dawood, ibn Jareer, ibn al-Mundhir,
Abu ash-Shaykh, ibn Mardawiyyah from ibn Abbaas. And it is in the tafseer of ibn Jareer (10/352) in this form but
he does not mention ibn Abbaas in his isnaad.
And in Abu Dawood (3576) is the (hadeeth relating to the) revelation of the three verses specifically for the Jews of
Qareedha and an-Nadeer, contravening what may be understood from the saying of ibn Katheer in his tafseer (6/160)
“the one who does not rule by what Allaah revealed…”
“Allaah revealed them with regards to two groups from the Jews one of which had overpowered the
other to the point that they consented to and agreed that for every person that the victorious tribe (al-
Azeeza) killed from the subjugated tribe (adh-Dhaleelah) then the ransom was 50 wasq (-probably a unit
of currency), and that for every person the subjugated tribe killed from the victorious then the ransom
was 100 wasq, and they remained in this state until the Prophet (SAW) arrived in Madeenah and then
both the tribes were subjugated, and that day they did not overcome him because of the peace treaty .
Then the subjugated tribe killed a person from the victorious tribe and the victorious tribe sent someone
demanding 100 wasq.

E M A A N L I B R A R Y . C O M ............ ا لسلف ا لصا لح

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