Book of Knowledge

“The Book of Knowledge” – a complete translation of the classical work “Kitaab-ul-‘Ilm” of Imaam Abu Khaithama An-Nasaa’ee (rahimahullaah).This treatise is comprised of a collection of ahaadeeth (sayings of the Prophet) and athaar (sayings of theSalaf) on the subject of Islaamic Knowledge. By reading the various narrations, it is hoped that the reader will benefit and reflect on the merits and virtues of seeking, acquiring and teaching knowledge. The treatise also provides a first-hand look on how the Salaf’s attitude was with respect to knowledge – how they sought it, how they learned it and how they taught it to others.
Many scholars, such as Al-Bukhaaree and Muslim, narrated from the works of Imam Ibn Harb An-Nasaa’ee.

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