Authentic Interpretation of the Dreams

The prophet (SAW) said “A good dream (that comes true) of a righteoua man is one forty six part of Prophethood,” except Al-Mubashirat.” They asked, “What are Al-Mubashirat?” He (SASW) replied,”The good true dreams (that convey glad tidings).” The Author says: ” I started my book with the meaning of dreams and their types. Then I mentioned the benefit of a good dream, including the benefit of seeing the Prophet (SAW) in a dream. I have also mentioned the etiquettes that a Muslim should comply with, so that his dreams could come true; etiquettes that a dreamer should adopt, and etiquettes of the interpreter. Finally I have mentioned the purpose of this book, that is, the interpretation of dreams according to the Quran, Sunnah Sahih and the meaning of words, names, proverbs etc.”

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