Video Speaker: . Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem


Does passing wind break your wudu? – Assim al hakeem


Is it permissible to pray if someone is lying down in front of us? – Assim al hakeem


Is Magic and Jinn Possession real? – Assim al hakeem


Is there any dua for poor memory? – Assim al hakeem


Can we learn from Dr.Tahir ul Qadri, Minhaj Al Quran Why we pray Fajr 2 rakahs, dhuhr 4..Assimalhake


Is the Niqab Mandatory? – Assim al hakeem


Why is the Prophet’s ﷺ‎ grave in the Masjid? Ruling on building tombs over graves – Assim al hakeem


Praying in the Masjid while suffering from illness – Assim al hakeem


Is it permissible to have a WhatsApp group of females sharing Islamic Knowledge? Assim al hakeem


Watching & Sharing Cooking videos that has music and show women or their hands? – Assim al hakeem


Ruling on divorcing the wife with three Talaqs at once (Triple Divorce) – Assim al hakeem


Is hair Transplant Surgery permissible in Islam? – Assim al hakeem


Series- 40 Nawawi Hadeeths, Al Arbaeen An Nawawiyyah – Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem


Is Prostration of forgetfulness / Sujood as sahu only for Fard / Obligatory Prayers? Assim al hakeem


Cleaning or Drying our private parts with our right hand – Assim al hakeem


Why doesn’t Allah answer my dua? Is Allah angry with me? – Assim al hakeem


Allah accepts all my Duas, Is this something that I should be worried about? – Assim al hakeem


How to deal with a short tempered parent? – Assim al hakeem


Saying ‘Wallahi’ & Swearing by Allah’s Name – Assim al hakeem


Youngsters these days are into celebrities, how do we educate them about Islam? – Assim al hakeem


Ruling on making dua after concluding the prayer / salah & Wiping our face – Assim al hakeem


When to make dua and when to make dhikr while praying salah? – Assim al hakeem


Can we pray sitting down if we are suffering from a disease (Voluntary Prayer)? – Assim al hakeem


Can I gather people to make dua in congregation for something I want? – Assim al hakeem

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