Video Speaker: .Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem


Taking an oath of citizenship of a non muslim country – Assim al hakeem


The dunya test : Wealth & Poverty – Assim al hakeem


Do people’s names have an affect on them? – Assim al hakeem


Asking others to do Ruqya would exclude you from 70 thousand who would go to Jannah without account


Someone who dies defending his wealth or honor considered a Martyr? – Assim al hakeem


Is Vaping permissible? – Assim al hakeem


Talking on YouTube about public figures who misguide & dupe Muslims & got exposed – Assim al hakeem


Visiting Dargah and seeking waseela from the dead – Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem


Those who claim to get divine dreams & claim to know the future – Assim al hakeem


How to stay on track after Ramadan? (Peak & Downfall of Iman) – Assim al hakeem


Reciting the Quran before Ceremonies, Lectures, Meetings etc – Assim al hakeem


Is wedding photography permissible as a profession & Ruling on filming mixed gathering-Assimalhakeem


Watching Stand Up Comedy, TV, Movies etc – Assim al hakeem


Is it permissible to fast or make an umrah to get my wish fulfilled? – Assim al hakeem


I wiped over my shoes & later took them off, can I wipe over my socks afterwards? – Assim al hakeem


What is Haram, Makrooh, Permissible, Recommended & Obligatory in Islam? – Assim al hakeem


Eating or drinking while standing up – Assim al hakeem


Tours, samples and gifts from pharmaceutical companies to doctors – Assim al hakeem


Can we donate blood to both Muslims & Non Muslims & Can we accept money in return? – Assim al hakeem


Single out Friday for fasting Shawwal – Assim al hakeem


Clothes with Logos & Cross (Puma, Locoste, Kipling etc) – Assim al hakeem


Bowing the head a little out of respect when greeting elders – Assim al hakeem


Ruling on Muslim women playing sports – Assim al hakeem


Having intimacy with my wife while she’s still living in her parent’s house (before Ruksati) Assim

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