Video Speaker: .Shaykh Assim Al Hakeem

Money given to a man to keep it and he spent it, can I use that in zakat

Categories of zakat and how to give zakat

Zakat on flats

Value of dua in the Rawdah

Giving zakah to my housband to give it to someone

Each person pays zakah for himself

How to count Zakah

The Zakat

Can Muslims in Sweden (Scandinavian countries) break fast according to Saudi Arabia – Assim al hakeem

While fasting if a person lies, backbites, listens to music would his fast be accepted-Assimalhakeem

When is the best time in Ramadan when dua is answered? – Assim al hakeem

Muslims who are careless about their prayers in Ramadan & waste time in roaming etc- Assim al hakeem

If one missed fard fasts & dies, do family members have to fast on their behalf – Assim al hakeem

Arrived late & the imam has already started taraweeh, how to pray isha behind him? – Assim al hakeem

If I get my menses during the day or afternoon, can I break my fast & eat & drink? – Assim al hakeem

Does eye drops, ear drops and nose drops break our fast? – Assim al hakeem

How should we congratulate each other on Ramadan? – Assim al hakeem

Just received money a month ago, is this money excluded from my zakat? – Assim al hakeem

Is saying bismillah compulsory in every rakah of the prayer? – Assim al hakeem

Imam offers taraweeh in 4 rakahs, should I pray behind him or go to another masjid – Assim al hakeem

Does swallowing mucus break my fast? – Assim al hakeem

When to give zakat al fitr? – Assim al hakeem

Will it break my prayer if I scratch more than 3 times,how many movements are allowed?-Assimalhakeem

What is laylatul qadr, what deeds to do in this night, was Quran revealed completely in this night?

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