Video Speaker: Reading - Recitation


The Madkhali Poem


Try To Memorize (JazakAllah)




Salatul Kusuf


Evening Azkar




Evening Azkar


No One Makes This Du'a Except That Allah Responds.


Protect your house from jin and shitan Powerful Ruqyah Against Sihir and Jinns


Powerful Ruqyah DUA Against Bad Evil Eye, Black magic Sihir, Jinns, & Jealousy


She Performs Tawaaf Of The Holy Kaaba 'ALONE' – What a Blessing from Allah


Emotional See This Kid's Reaction | When he finished Memorizing Quran | Digital Dawah |


Unseen Footage | Kaaba Raining & Lightening During Isha Salaah


Dua for the protection of children


Hadith seeking knowledge.,


كل نفس ذائقة الموت


Surah Sāffat up to [37:82]


Supplication said upon seeing someone in trail or tribulation


Ruqyah for Evil Eye and Envy – Recited by Dr. Hasan Al-Jobaily


What Does It Say In The Qur’ān About Homosexuality [Sodomy]


Duā Seeking Refuge From Leucoderma, Madness, Leprosy And Evil Diseases


Supplication upon receiving good or unpleasant news..


Duā for the protection against Shirk


Surah Luqman | The Advice

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