Video Speaker Archive: Lotfi Djafar

Sura An-Nasr / Conquest of Mecca & the Prophet’s Death / Lotfi Djafar

Verses from Sura Ibraheem / Satan speech in Hell to his followers/ Lotfi Djafar

Jesus doesn’t love them but he loves Us / Lotfi Djafar

The story of Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet Muhammad, & his mother Mariah the Egyptian / Lotfi Djafar

5 Prophets were there at the time of Musa pbuh / Lotfi Djafar

The Oppression of Black Magic (السِحْر) / Lotfi Djafar

The 8 Conditions of la-ilaha-illa-Allah / Lotfi Djafar

Who are the true family members of our Prophet pbuh (آل البيت) & Their rights over us / Lotfi Djafar

Powerful verses from Surah Qaf/ death, Judgment & more/ Lotfi Djafar آيات من سورة ق

Who should be your best friends? / let the Sunnah answer/ Lotfi Djafar

The Best Gift Allah Gave You / Lotfi Djafar

Understanding the Quran/ Meaning Of Surah al-Asr / Lotfi Djafar

Using your phone or talking during the Friday Khutbah/ Lotfi Djafar

(A Journey with the Quran) The Prophet pbuh & the Blind man Incident/ suraht Abasa/ Lotfi Djafar

Understanding the Quran/ meaning of Surah al kawthar/Lotfi Djafar

Understanding the Quran/ Gabriel opened the chest of Muhamamd pbuh Twice/ surah Sharh /Lotfi Djafar

Understanding the Quran/ meaning of Surah Doha / Lotfi Djafar

SERIES: A Journey with the Quran: What Prophet Musa did on the day of Ashura/10th of Muharram/Lotfi Djafar

The Death of Husain In details ( Family of the Prophet pbuh) Lotfi Djafar

(A Journey with the Quran) The story of Luqman (قصة لقمان) by Lotfi Djafar

(A Journey with the Quran) People of Al-araf (أصحاب الأَعْراف) by Lotfi Djafar

Islam is Mercy & Mercy is Islam (10 Fascinating facts) by Lotfi Djafar

The Ummah of Muhammad pbuh is divided into 2 different Categories – Lotfi Djafar

Eid Khutbah – Kilburn Grange Park/ عيد الأضحى Lotfi Djafar

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