Video Speaker: Lotfi Djafar


Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had more than 4 names / Lotfi Djafar


Guys Who Imitate Girls / Lotfi Djafar


Is Protesting or Demonstrations allowed in Islam? Lotfi Djafar


Finding someone to marry/ Lotfi Djafar


Is Allowed for a Muslim to go swimming in public unisex swimming pools or beaches? Lotfi Djafar


Whoever knows the 99 Names of Allah will enter Paradise/ Meaning of the Hadith/Lotfi Djafar


The 5 Conditions of Repentance (Taubah) / Lotfi Djafar


The Greatest Verse for Parents Rights / Lotfi Djafar


Parents/Gardians who unknowingly cause emotional abuse to their children/ Lotfi Djafar


Fasting the 6 days of Shawwal / Rules & Virtues / Lotfi Djafar 2020


How to Pray Eid Prayer at Home / Explained by Lotfi Djafar / Eid 2020


The Rules of Zakatul-Fitr / Lotfi Djafar/ Ramadan 2020


The Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ / Lotfi Djafar


Night prayer on Laylatul-Qadr wipes off all your minor & major sins with 3 conditions/ Lotfi Djafar


The Sunnah for the last 10 days of Ramadan/ Lotfi Djafar / Ramadan 2020


Special Dua for the last 10 days of Ramadan/ Laylatul-Qadr / Lotfi Djafar


Work for the forgiveness of Ramadan/ Lotfi Djafar


The authentic dua when breaking fast / Lotfi Djafar


Your Charity (Sadaqah) is desperately needed this Ramadan/ Lotfi Djafa


The meaning of Jannah opens and Hell closes in Ramadan/ Lotfi Djafar


Bad Language destroys your fasting reward. Lotfi Djafar


Welcoming Ramadan – Lotfi Djafar


Women in Islam – Lotfi Djafar


A reminder – Lotfi Djafar

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