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(a Journey with the Quran) What Prophet Musa did on the day of Ashura/10th of Muharram/Lotfi Djafar

The Death of Husain In details ( Family of the Prophet pbuh) Lotfi Djafar

(A Journey with the Quran) The story of Luqman (قصة لقمان) by Lotfi Djafar

(A Journey with the Quran) People of Al-araf (أصحاب الأَعْراف) by Lotfi Djafar

Islam is Mercy & Mercy is Islam (10 Fascinating facts) by Lotfi Djafar

The Ummah of Muhammad pbuh is divided into 2 different Categories – Lotfi Djafar

Eid Khutbah – Kilburn Grange Park/ عيد الأضحى Lotfi Djafar

The Origin, virtues, rituals & Etiquettes of Eid (عيد الأضحى) by Lotfi Djafar

Detailed information about the day of Arafa by Lotfi Djafar

The forgotten Sunnah (in the first 13 days of dhu-Hijjah by Lotfi Djafar

The emotional & love story of Zainab (daughter of Prophet pbuh) & her husband Abu Al-Aas (R.A.)

The Rules of Takfeer/ Lotfi Djafar

Meaning of kufr (disbelief) and rules of takfeer – by Lotfi Djafar

What you must know about Zakat by Lotfi Djafar

The Sunnah in the last 10 nights of Ramadan by Lotfi Djafar

Obligations of the Quran Upon Us by Lotfi Djafar

The fiqh of Zakat by Lotfi Djafar

Do we have to finish the whole Quran in taraweeh ? Lotfi Djafar

Meaning, Virtues, Benefits, Revelations, Foundations and Our Obligations to the Quran by Lotfi Djafar

The advice our sheikh gave us by Lotfi Djafar

The meaning and benefit of sending salutations upon the Prophet pbuh by Lotfi Djafar

Meaning of Taqwa in accordance to our Salaf by Lotfi Djafar

We’re the seventieth and last ummah. The virtue given to us with Ramadan by Lotfi Djafar

Why are they the forbidden /sacred months? By Lotfi Djafar

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