Video Speaker Archive: Dr Muhammad Salah

Reciting Surah Al-Fatiha behind Imam

Sunah of fasting the day of Arafah by Dr Muhammad Salah

Cutting the family Ties by Dr Muhammad Salah

Can a muslim serve pork or alcohol?

Marrying a Christian / Non-Muslim Woman

Is it allowed for Muslims to sell alcohol or something that is forbidden for Muslims

Some mosques delay some prayer is it okay

She didn’t make up last Ramadan and now she’s pregnant, what should she do

Can I hold the Mushaf in my hands while praying nafil prayer

Can I use contraceptives without my husbands approval

How to concentrate in the salah and have khushu’

Is it allowed to eat horse meat

What dua’s and adhkar should I recite

If it allowed to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallah

Fatawa_ The Month of Rajab

Is it allowed to celebrate 27th day of Rajab (Mehraj Day)-Ask Huda

Fasting in the month Sha’ban In Particular

The Truth About 15th Night of Shabaan ,,,,,

Be kind with your wife.

Can I boycott my husband in bed because of smoking

Can a woman do e’tekaf in the Haram

Can people envy someone for memorising the Quran

What are quiet prayers (salah)

Dividing the wealth of deceased the correct way in islam

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