eBook Category: HISTORY


Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius


History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy


Discourses on Livy


The Art of the War – Niccolo Machiavelli


The Vocabulary of Unbelief


URDU: Tarikh Dawat-o-Azeemat by Abul Hasan Nadwi


URDU: Ibn e Batoota by Ibn Batoota – Complete


URDU: Badshah by Nicholas Machiavelli


URDU: Sher Meedan-e-Jang Me by A Hameed


URDU: Mutalia Pakistan Brai Degree Classes by Muhammad Akram


URDU: Encyclopedia Tareekh-e-Aalam by William L Langer


URDU: Jang-e-Azeem-Awwal by Syed Muhammad Fazal Ullah Bukhari


URDU: Insani Tehzeeb Ka Irtiqa by Will Durrant


الحضارة – حسين مؤنس- (Al-Khadhaara by Hussein Muwanis)


قصة الحضارة – ول وايريل ديورانت – (History: Story of Civilization)


تاريخ مدينة دمشق – علي بن الحسن بن هبة الله بن عبد الله الشافعي المعروف بابن عساكر – History of Damascus by Imam as Shaafi


تاريخ الرسل والملوك – محمد بن جرير الطبري – History (h 1-302) by Muhammad Bin Jarir Al Tibri


Between Yesterday And Today – Hassan Al Banna


Babar Rulers Of India by Stanley Lane-Poole


The Alhambra by Washington Irving


Story Of The Moors In Spain


Moorish Remains In Spain by Albert F. Calvert


The Story Of Cairo



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