Why did the Imâms Differ? by Ibn Taymiyyah

This article is taken from the beginning of Shaikh ul-Islam’s (r) treatise ” Raf’-ul-Malâm ‘an-il-A’immat-il-A’lâm (Removing the Harms from the Noble Imâms)”.

In this treatise, the Shaikh (ra) discusses the reasons why the famous and righteous Imâms, that are followed by the masses of Muslims, differed in some issues and contradicted the established ahâdîth of the Messenger of Allâh(swt) in some cases.

He lists over ten reasons in the introduction of this treatise. However this article only contains the first one. However, it is the most important one, as stated by Ibn Taimiyyah (ra). And it is for this reason, as the Shaikh says, that many of the Imâm’s opinions, that contradict the Sunnah, can be explained and acknowledged. Thus, there is no deficiency on the part of our scholars. Rather, they were rewarded in their correctness as well as in their errors. May Allâh have mercy on them. This article was translated by Isma’îl ibn al-arkân. The notes where taken from Zuhair Ash-Shâwîsh’s comments and footnotes to this treatise, unless otherwise specified.

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