What Happened In 70 AD? A Study In Bible Prophecy

This booklet introduces a view of Bible prophecy which many have found helpful in their Bible study. It answers some
tough questions which have always bothered students of the . Bible. It provides a CONSISTENT position which easily
refutes false doctrines; makes the book of Revelation easier to understand; identifies when miraculous gifts ceased; and refutes the liberal attack on the inspiration of the New Testament. It establishes when the N. T. canon was complete. It is more CONSERVATIVE on most issues than traditional views are. There is NO COMPROMISE of essential truths of the Christian faith. The main purposes for this booklet is to provide a closer look at the historical framework of the New Testament. Why not (at least temporarily) lay aside our traditional interpretations of the book of Revelation (since they have taken us no where), and objectively look at another alternative. This booklet was NOT written to cast guilt upon modem Jews for what some of their first-century ancestors might have done. The author holds NO anti-Semitic malice toward the Jewish people at all, but rather a fond appreciation for the rich heritage they have given us and a sympathetic understanding of the unspeakable anguish they have suffered throughout history.
The Palestinian people (whom the Israelis are mistreating) deserve our sympathy and support also. The Israelis are the ones guilty of racism! They are the true “anti-semites.”

E M A A N L I B R A R Y . C O M ............ ا لسلف ا لصا لح

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