Virtues and Etiquettes of Visiting the Sick

Prophet SAW has mentioned in a Hadith that there are two favours of Allah  which most people are unmindful of. One is good health and the other is free time. Neglecting these two favours, as well as misusing them, results in the
destruction of one’s Aakhirah.
Good health is a great ni’mah (gift) of Allah  and is one of the most valuable gifts in life. It is through good
health that many of the innumerable bounties and favours of Allah can be attained and enjoyed.
Sickness is something temporary and often occurs due to our own negligence. Despite this, Allah , Who is Most Kind, has made it a means of purifying our sins and raising our status in the Hereafter. In this way even our illnesses are transformed into ni’mahs (gifts).
Sickness is indeed a test from Allah . Since we are so weak and frail, we should always beseech Allah  for good health. However, if we do fall ill and experience some difficulty, it is only through the will of Allah . At these moments of trials and tests we should make sabr and follow the sunnah. Without a shadow of doubt this will
contribute to our spiritual upliftment.
The Shariah has explained in great detail the matters relating to sickness and the etiquettes of visiting the sick. As the virtues of visiting the sick are based on sickness itself, I will commence with an explanation of sickness, its virtues and its related etiquettes.

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