Verily The Victory Of Allah Is Near

Many of the Islāmic peoples live in a variety of different countries and an array of cities within a heap of blunders and mischievous conduct with an exposure of their honour and a loss of their rights and property. And (they live among) confusions in their ideologies and in a scarcity and weakness of successes and attempts (to reform) and they are increasingly turning away with an outpouring of misguidance in belief (‘Aqīdah) and methodology (Manhaj) both in the political and economical life, during a time of the spreading of the calls of nationalism and the ideologies of secularism and the currents of atheism and the symbols of mysticism (Sūfiyyah) and idolatry. And this corruption has spread in their nation (Ummah) and many of them are submerged in that which harms him and does not benefit him. And he is unmindful of that which he was created for and his duty and his message in this life.
And in order to destroy this misguidance and these things that are worshipped besides Allāh and these traits of the Days of Ignorance (Jāhiliyyah) that are present everywhere, and these ideas which oppose the Sharī’ah and these institutions that are astray from Legislation of Allāh, it is a must to return to Islām in its established form, including the submission to Allāh with Tawhīd and obedience to Him with devotion while being free from Shirk and its people and ruling with the Legislation of Allāh in His Earth with sincerity towards Him with one’s actions.
So this is the basis of Tawhīd and without it, there is no meaning for life. Allāh, the Most High said:

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