Two Ways to Know the Creator by Ibn al-Qayyim

This paper draws upon the words and statements of one of the Imaams of Salafiyyah, the Shaikhs of Islaam, Ibn al-Qayyim al- Jawziyyah in explanation of the existence of the Originator and Creator, the manner of acquiring knowledge of Him and how reflection upon the signs of Allaah in the creation leads to a better understanding of His Names and Attributes and increases a person Imaan – all in comparison to an innovated methodology that is spread today.
The paper consists of two passages in al-Fawaa’id in which the way of arriving at the knowledge of Allaah, the Originator and Creator is discussed. These passages have been divided into four excerpts to make easier reading and additional notes and relevant material has been added in order to aid comprehension.
It is important to understand that the materials in this paper are to be understood in their proper context. For the issue of the existence of Allaah is something that is so apparent and clear and so obvious that the Ulamaa of Ahl us-Sunnah are hardly known to have talked about it in depth in their works and writings. As the Messengers of Allaah said, “What, is there any doubt about Allaah?” (Ibrahim 14:10). So the issue is not really the existence of Allaah – since that is as apparent as the daylight, but it is the issue of knowing His Names and Attributes and His right to be worshipped alone. The real issue is that of Tawheed al-Asmaa was-Sifaat and Tawheed ul-Uloohiyyah specifically.
Unfortunately, many Muslims, both the learned and ignorant, have adopted a certain methodology in this issue which is extremely dangerous and which is spread within Muslim circles. This methodology requires that a Muslim “prove his faith” by way of reflection upon the creation of Allaah and to attain “certainty” by researching and investigating the natural phenomena in order to ascertain the “truthfulness” of the Islamic belief. And this methodology is baatil, and has elements of the Mu’tazilite doctrine and also is a way of leading Muslims to confusion, heresy and even disbelief – and refuge is from Allaah.

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