The issue of Muslims getting diverted or attracted into philosophy ; through wrongly publicized people referred to as ‘scholars’ or ‘thinkers’ has affected many people through a long period of time..And in Allaah we seek refuge.
These are those who promote philosophy and theological rhetoric and try to integrate it into the pure Islaam – by using futile claims and their insignificant thoughts – which sadly have been inherited from paganistic (atheistic) European philosophy. These people are known with the name: Ahlul kalaam or Ahlul falsafa. These are more or else the same thing in meaning.
Ahlul-Kalaam are The People of Theological Rhetoric, those who resort to philosophical reasoning and rationale in understanding the texts of the Book and the Sunnah, and therefore went astray.
Thus you will find they are characterized by their evil deviant principle which says : “if the ayah of the Quran or hadeeth doesn’t conform/agree with your intellect ; then you don’t have to accept that ayah (verse) or that hadeeth !“
Thus, shaytaan has overcome them; and in their blindness they think they are achieving the pleasure of Allaah.
These are the people who give precedence to their intellects and their desires over the textual authentic proofs of the Quran and Sunnaah.
Hence we see that most, if not all of the deviated sects of Islaam; were started or are greatly influenced by this.

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