The Ruling of Suicide Bombing Operations

This booklet is about the Ruling on Suicide Bombing Operations Which have increased in Modern Times By Shaykh AbdusSallaam bin Salim bin Raja’ as-Suhaymee.

Suicide Missions have become a modern day fashion, and many people are sympathetic with the one who carries it out by looking at the goal behind these missions. The sympathetic person finds it sufficient from these missions that the intent of executing these missions is to raise the statement of Tawheed, and to aid Islaam and humble the Kuffar as they claim.
However, what is the Sharia’ ruling regarding these Suicide Missions?

Indeed it is known from the Sharia’ that a good intention on its own is not sufficient to allow an action to be permissible according to the Sharia’. These people, who carry out Suicide Missions, propel themselves by saying that the means to the end take the same rulings of the intended goals, so if the goal is legislated in the Sharia’ then its means are also legislated in the Sharia’.
However this is not acceptable, because the ends do not justify the means absolutely, rather it is obligatory that the means also have to be legislated in the Sharia’ to fulfil the goals in the Sharia’. As for, if the means are not legislated in the Sharia’ then it is not sufficient for the goal to be legislated. The principle for this is mentioned in Bukhari and Muslim from the saying of the Messenger SAW: ‘Whoever does an action which we have not commanded then it is rejected.’
So every action which is not in accordance with the command of Allaah, or His Messenger, then it is rejected (Allaah does not accept it) from the one who does it, no matter how good his intention was.

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