The Minor Resurrection – Dr Umar Sulaiman al Ashqar

What will happen to us after we die? The answer lies in this book. All the issues are answered with the viewpoint of the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (S) and the verses of the Quran, with reference, so that there is no doubt to the authenticity of the books teachings. The entire process is described, such as the questioning of the angels and the torment of the grave for those who sinned and refused to believe. The signs of the day of the judgment will be discussed as well. It informs us about the effects on the people after resurrection. The Day of Judgment itself is described in detail, with extensive effort to wash away all signs of doubts and misgivings. Hence this book is a must for all those Muslims who have doubts about the eternity they would be having to spend either in heaven or hell.

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