The Four Principles – Study Guide

Why study this book?

‘The Four Principles’ is a short text about tawheed and shirk written by the great reviver of Islaam, Shaykh ul Islaam Muhammad ibn ‘Abdil Wahhaab, rahimahullaah, which teaches us about some of the most important issues of ‘aqeedah (creed and belief) that the Muslim must acquaint themselves with. It is a book full of proofs from the Qur’aan and the Sunnah, a text that is short in wording yet vast in meaning and a vital resource for the muwahhid (person of tawheed) who seeks success in the Hereafter for himself and for others.
For this reason, the scholars of ahl us sunnah wal jamaa’ah have paid great attention to this book, both studying it and teaching it.
What is in this Study Guide?
This study guide takes you through the text of ‘The Four Principles’ by Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhaab. It consists of 16 units and has been designed such that one unit can be done in one week; however the student can go at whatever pace suits him or her. Whatever the pace of studying, it is important to be consistent and realistic.

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