The Belief in Allaah….What Does it Mean?

The Belief in Allaah Comprises Four Matters:
First: The Belief in The Existence of Allaah is established by:
1-Fitrah. 2-Reasoning. 3-Ash-Shar’a. 4-Al-Hiss.
1-Pertaining To The Proof of The Fitrah: Every creature has been created in a state of belief in his Creator without
preceding thought or education. No one dissuades from what is necessitated by this Fitrah (i.e. the belief in Allaah), except the one whose heart has been subjected to what averts it from its (natural course of) Fitrah, as the Prophet explained when he said: “Each child is born in a state of “Fitrah,” but his parents make him a Jew or
a Christian.”
2-The Evidence of “Reasoning”: All of the creatures, the first and the subsequent ones, must have a Creator Who
brought them to existence because they neither can bring themselves into existence, nor they could have come to exist by coincidence! The creatures could not have brought themselves to existence because a thing does not create itself since prior to its existence it was nothing. So how could it be a Creator? And it cannot accidentally bring itself into being, because every occurrence (novelty, etc.) must need an originator. Also because its existence in such highly magnificent order and homogenous coordination, and due to the coherent relationship between the means and their causes, and the creatures with one another, it is rather absolutely impossible that its very being is coincidental. (In fact), what is (believed) to exist as a result of coincidence does not follow an ordered pattern at the beginning of its existence. So how could it remain to be ordered during its course of survival and development?
So, if it is impossible that the creatures have either brought themselves into existence or that they came to exist by coincidence, then it becomes evident that they must have a Creator, and He is Allaah, the Rabb (Lord) of the Worlds.

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