Nawawi Forty Hadith

It has been narrated, through many chains (isnad, pl. asaneed) and various narrations, from Ali ibn Abee Talib, Abdullah ibn Masood, Muadh ibn Jabal, Abu ad-Darda, [Abdullah] ibn Umar, [Abdullah] ibn Abbas, Anas ibn Malik, Abu Hurayrah and Abu Sa’eed al-Khudree — may Allah be pleased with all of them — that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Whoever preserves for my ummah forty hadeethrelated to the religion, Allah will then resurrect him in the company of the pious and the scholars.” Another narration states: “Allah will raise him as an erudite and learned scholar.” In the narration from Abu ad-Darda, it is stated:
“On the Day of Resurrection, I will be an intercessor and witness for him.”
In the narration from Ibn Masood it is stated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “It will be said to him ‘Enter Paradise through any door you wish.’ ” In the narration from Ibn Umar, one finds the words: “He will be recorded among the company of the scholars and will be resurrected in the company of the martyrs.” [However,] the scholars of hadeeth agree that, although this hadeeth has numerous chains, it is weak [i.e., dae’ef, and hence cannot be used as a Shareeah proof].
The scholars (may Allah be pleased with them) have compiled innumerable works of this nature [i.e., collections of forty hadeeth]. The first one that I know of who compiled such a work was Abdullah ibn al-Mubarak. After him came ibn Aslam at-Toosee, a pious scholar. Then came al-Hasan ibn Sufyan an-Nasa’ee, Abu Bakr al-Aajurree, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ibraheem al-Asfahanee, ad-Daraqutnee, al-Hakim, Abu Nu’aim, Abu Abdur-Rahman as-Sulamee, Abu Sa’eed al-Maleenee, Abu ’Uthmaan as-Saboonee, Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Ansaree, Abu Bakr al-Baihaqee and countless others both from the earlier and later times.

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