Muhammed (PBUH) The Natural Successor To Christ (PBUH)

Successions are of many kinds like the birthright of the “first-born” as in Jewish law. Or the ascending of the eldest son or daughter to the kingly throne. Or by election, to select a candidate by the vote of the majority. Or Theologically, an appointment by Divine Decree of God’s chosen Messengers. Like the call of Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Muhummed (S) who were appointed or “anointed” in consecration to their office.
Muhummed’s (pbuh) succession to Jesus Christ (pbuh) is multifaceted.
1. Chronologically, in history as a sequence of event in time.
2. By being Chosen by God.
3. In the fulfilment of the prophecies of his predecessors, and but not in the least…
4. By bringing the Guidance of God to perfection ‘ “For he will Guide you into all Truth.” said. Jesus Christ

The Author writes: In this book as well as in my other publications, I quote extensively from the Arabic Qur’ân not only for blessings or adornment. It presents a golden opportunity for my learned brethren to memorize these quotations with its meaning and to share their knowledge with others.

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