Muhammad’s Prophethood – Reality or Myth

Muhammad has become a target for Islam’s long-established adversaries and their armies of missionaries and orientalists who have aroused suspicions and propagated allegations against the Prophet of Islam and his Message. Their objective has always been to distort the image of the Prophet of Islam in the eyes of those who do not know him and consequently drive them away from studying Islam and contemplating it in a desperate attempt to lay obstacles in the path of Islam’s mission so as to impede its vital role in guiding humanity.

Many Muslim scholars have written to defend the Prophet since doing so is an honour and a duty for them. However, such efforts have been made either incidentally in answer to orientalists and missionaries, or in the course of speaking about the evidence of prophethood in Islam. Furthermore, most of the writings were done by non-specialists, although the nature of the topic requires the knowledge of a number of aspects of Islamic philosophy, the history of religions, and western thought. All this made the present study an obligation dictated by the imperious need to introduce Islam as the only cultural alternative that is capable of convincing today’s civilized man.

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