Ruling on Magic & Fortunetelling by Ibn Baaz

There is an increase in the number of magicians and fortune tellers who claim the ability to cure people by use of magic and fortune telling. They take advantage of some simple minded ignorant people. It is necessary to clarify the great danger of these people for it entails becoming attached to other than Allah and disobeying His Commands and the command of the Prophet (Pbuh).

The Arab term for sorcery is Sihr. Linguistically Sihr is everything whose reason for existing is delicate and enveloped. Due to this cause, the last part of the night is Sahr because it is cloaked and shrouded in darkness. Messenger of Allaah (r) said: ?…Some eloquent speech is effective as magic.
Sihr, or sorcery as defined by Islaamic law, consists of charms or incantations that are composed to cause illness, death, loss of mental stability, separate spouses from each other, or prevent a man from acts of intimacy with his wife.

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