Know Thy Prophet (SAWS)

Prophet Muhammad is maligned everyday; at work, in the shops, as well as on the bus. He is maligned by the media, by politicians, by strangers, by family even; but how do we react when he is the target of these lies and distortions? Do we react angrily or simply keep quiet? Sadly, we do both. We do so because he is a stranger to us. We claim to love him but our behavior belies our words. We have little or no idea who he was, what he stood for, what he taught, or how he reacted when the same things happened to him, so how can our love be true? The first Muslims were attracted to Islaam because they were attracted to the Prophet of Islaam. They grew up with him, they knew everything about him, and because they knew him, they loved him, gave up everything for him and modelled their lives on him! If we knew the Prophet, we would love him more than our families, wives, husbands and even ourselves! If we do so, then we will truly believe!!!

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