Jesus and Christianity In the Perspective of Islam

Jesus and Christianity In the Perspective of Islam: This book guides those who misunderstood the teachings of Jesus and Christianity in the Perspective of Islam.
Contents:- The Birth of Mary -The Eminence of Mary -The Birth of Jesus -The Eminence of Jesus -The Raising / Ascension of Jesus -The Nature of Jesus -Muslims Believe in Previous Revelation -The Single Religion -Reverted not Converted.
In this brief treatise, the author sets out to clarify Islam’s true position towards Jesus, which is the middle course between two extremes. At one extreme there are those who believe that Jesus is God, the Son of God or part of a divine trinity while on the other extreme there are others who slander him and deny his message.
The correct belief regarding Jesus as confirmed in the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s teachings is that he was no more than a prophet and messenger of God sent with the same message as all the prophets before him such as Moses, Abraham and Noah. That message was to worship God alone and avoid false deities. This is the one true unwavering message of the Creator to His creation throughout the course of time, and it is the same message that Jesus brought to his people and which Muhammad brought to his people after him.

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