Heavens Door – (Part 2 of Purification Of The Soul)

Book 1: Purification of the Soul
This book comprises the second part of the English translation of Tazkiyat an-Nufus wa Tarbiyyatuha kama Yuqarriruhu ‘Mama as-Salaf compiled by Ahmed Farid, the first of which has already been published under the title “The Purification of the Soul”. Both books are concerned with assisting the traveler in life to pass smoothly through his world and safely into the next and should be read together. Whereas “The Purification of the Soul” is concerned primarily with the science of awakening and purifying the heart on which good inward intentions depend, Heaven’s Door is concerned firstly, with outward action which is the manifestation and outward expression of inward intention, and secondly, with the consequences of inward intention and outward action which we meet both in this life after we have died.

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