Fiqhul ‘Ibaadaat by Sheikh Al-‘Uthaimeen

“I did not create the jinn and mankind except that they worship Me.” [Qur’aan, soorat ath-Thaariyaat (51): 56].
This noble Aayah directs us to the established fact upon which life is based, that there is a specified objective behind the existence of mankind and Jinn. This is signified in the execution of a noble task, the one who undertakes it has indeed accomplished the purpose behind his existence, and the one who fails to achieve this objective his life becomes aimless and devoid of its pure and genuine meaning. This specified objective (al-Ghayah al-Muhaddadah) is the worship of Allaah alone in the manner which Allaah has prescribed for His slaves to worship Him. The life of the ‘Abd’ in its entirety will never be upright unless it is in accordance with this noble task being directed to achieve the aforesaid objective.

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