Death and Resurrection

We all believe that our life has an end, and nothing is eternal except Allah (SWT):
“Whatsoever is on it (the Earth) will perish. * And the Face of your Lord, full of majesty and Honour, will remain forever.” [Surah Ar- Rahman (55):26-27]. It is better for all of us to ponder deeply about our future and about our eternal life which is everlasting. We are expected to devote some time in this life to ponder what will occur in the life to come. The Day of Judgment is the day which all creation will meet fully and fairly, the reward for how they conducted themselves in this life. It is a day which is different from all other days. It will come, sooner or later. But some questions must be raised: Are we fully prepared and aware of this day? What are its signs and horrors? When will it come? What will it look like?
The Day of Resurrection, the Day of Judgment, is called the “last day” because it is a day after which there will be no other. It is the end goal of all the stages through which we pass (i.e., nonexistence, creation in the womb, life, death and the grave, then the hereafter), and it is the end of our journey. Allah (S) says:
“Then, after that you will all certainly die. Then indeed you all, on the Day of Resurrection, will be resurrected.”
[Sūrah al-Muminūn, 23:15-16.]
The resurrection is when mankind will rise from their graves to stand before the Lord of all Creation.

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