Course in Aqeedah

There are many religions in the world, each of which has its followers. Some of them account for hundreds of millions of people, but numbers cannot be an indication of truth. There are millions of Buddhists in the world, but it is an idolatrous religion. Likewise, the Hindus number in millions, but they too are idolaters. Many of the
world’s religions have similarities .
There are also differences between them. They all agree that Allah created the heavens and the earth, that He provides for His creatures and actively directs events in the world. But you can realize the difference when you observe the details of each one’s faith, and the ways it manifests itself.
There are monotheists who only worship Allah and call upon none but Him, not upon idols, nor false gods, nor saints. And there are polytheists who believe in Allah but fail to worship Him alone purely, without mixing Him up with invented deities and idols. Allah said,
“And most of them believe not in Allah except while they associate others (with Him).” (12:106).

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