Characteristics of the Victorious Party

In this era in which the Muslims are living a life of humiliation and disgrace, they have lost the characteristics of guidance from within themselves, and the Rope of Allah that He united them upon – the Rope of establishment and leadership – has been cut, so they have become insignificant in front of themselves and in front of their enemies. Falsehood prances around in their countries, and the trend of apostasy has become the strongest and the most dominant. And the ties of evil between [the people of] internal apostasy and [those of] outward Kufr have been fortified. The Muslims have become busy with entertainment and vanity, and the Islamic parties and groups summon one another to the ideas of men and their Ijtihad, far away from the Source of Guidance and Light – the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. And the [state] of Ghurbah (estrangement) has intensified for those who are holding fast to this Guidance, and their souls long for the coming Divine Promise

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