Aqeedah and Tawheed

Tawheed al-Uooleeheeya [Servitude of Worship] is one of the three types of Tawheed, and it is the most important type of Tawheed because it is regarding the issue of Tawheed, which caused differences between the Prophets and their people.
Its definition is as some of the scholars defined it: ‘Singling out Allaah for worship.’
Some of the scholars defined it as: ‘Sincerity of worship for Allaah Alone who has no partner.’
Some of the scholars defined it as: It is the knowledge and acknowledgment that Allaah Ta’ala is the Possessor of
Ulooheeyah [Servitude of Worship] and servitude of worship over all of His creation completely, and singling out Allaah Alone with all worship, and having sincerity of the Deen for Allaah Alone: <>.
As for what is designated for Tawheed, from the different terms and names then they are:
Tawheed al-Ulooheeyah [Servitude of Worship], or
Ilaheeyah, [Singling out Allaah for worship]
Tawheed al-Eebaadah [worship] or
al-Uboodeeyah [servitude],
Tawheed al-Qasd wa Talab [Intent & want]
Tawheed al-Amal [Action],
it has been called this because it is built upon sincerity of action for Allaah Alone.’
Then the Shaykh added:
‘There are those who divide Tawheed into three:
• Tawheed Rooboobeeyah [Lordship]
• Tawheed al-Asma wa Sifaat [Names & Characteristics]
• Tawheed al-Ulooheeyah [Servitude of worship]
There are those who divide it into four parts:
The three previous ones, and they add Tawheed al-Mutaba’yah (Only following the Prophet -SAW).’
Then the Shaykh said: ‘Except that the well-known division in the books of ‘Aqeedah Salafeeyah is the division into three parts.
• Tawheed Rooboobeeyah [Lordship]
• Tawheed al-Ulooheeyah [Servitude of worship]
• Tawheed al-Asma wa Sifaat [Names & Characteristics]

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